Music is not only one of the most frequently listed hobbies on the ITF website profiles of the junior tennis players, it is also an important resource in their training.

This is the case for Garrett Johns from Atlanta, Georgia, who will play he ITF Grade A, Abierto Juvenil Mexicano. The American 16-year-old confesses that he arrived in Mexico City with the firm intention of “winning the tournament” or at least making it to QF.

According to his coach, Noel Wataw, originally from Zimbabwe and now a resident of the USA, Garrett finds the motivation to face the long hours of training during the Summer (4 to 5 hours daily) in Hip-Hop.

It is music that energizes Garrett and is a fundamental part of his good performance especially during Summer when the hours dedicated to training are longer than during the school year.

Johns knows it won’t be easy to win the title, but he wisely says that every player has his weaknesses and one has to understand how to exploit them to win the match.  Everyone is beatable.

For Noel, the altitude of Mexico City (7,380 ft. above sea level) is one of the main issues that his player is facing and so he has set as a priority perfecting the top spin of Garrett so that the ball will land inside the court.

On their arrival to Mexico City, Noel and Garrett discovered the gastronomic appeal of real Mexican tacos. “My favorite ones are the tacos al pastor,” says Johns smiling.

Hip-Hop and tacos, a great combination for success on the court at the Abierto Juvenil Mexicano.