The handy answer to this question is that Rafael Osuna is the best mexican tennis player of all times and this is one of the reasons why the Stadium of the Centro Deportivo Chapultepec, venue of the Abierto Juvenil Mexicano, bears his name.

Following are seven key facts you should know about this sports legend:

  • Ranked No. 1 as best tennis player in the world in 1963
  • Won the singles title of the US Open in 1963
  • Led the Mexican Davis Cup to the final in 1962 losing to the Australian team of Rod Laver
  • Doubles Wimbledon champion (1960 y 1963) and also US Open (1962)
  • Gold medal in singles and doubles in 1968
  • Played 25 Davis Cup series with a record of 42 wins by 23 defeats
  • International Tennis Hall of Fame (1979)

The Rafael Osuna Stadium was built in 1927, is considered the “Cathedral of Tennis” in Mexico because of its historic legacy and has the capacity to hold 2,400 spectators.

This year, the Stadium was refurbished and upon seeing it for the first time, American player of Polish origin Tomas Kopcynski, who will play the main draw of the Abierto Juvenil Mexicano, exclaimed “¡Wow, this is just like ATP!”