Juniors from the USA and Rumania make up more than 50% of the players in the final rounds of the ITF Grade A Abierto Juvenil Mexicano, where the favorites are the no. 1 seeded, Whitney Osuigwe and Sebastian Korda.

Eight Rumanians in Mexico City

One of the nicest surprises received by the organization committee was the number of Rumanians registered for the tournament. Eight of them landed in Mexico and three have made it to the final rounds played this Friday: Stefan Palosi, Andreea Prisacariu and Filip Jianu.

Sixteen-year old Stefan Palosi had the misfortune of facing in today´s quarterfinals, American Sebastian Korda who easily erased him from the draw 6-2, 6-1. The son of the Australian Open winner in 1998, Petr Korda, Sebastian hasn´t lost a set on his way to the semifinals, where he will have as a rival, the Argentinian Thiago Tirante who is the fourth best junior player in his country. The match will surely be the toughest test till now for Korda.

Andreea Prisacariu has surprised even her coach who confesses that they didn’t have expectations beyond the second round. The 17-year old was defeated by American Alexa Noel.

Filip Cristian Jianu, the third Rumanian player to make it to the final rounds, just turned 16 years old and is now a semifinalist as he defeated Argentinian Juan Manuel Cerundolo after losing the first set. He will now play “the king of slice” American Drew Baird.

Americans on top singles and doubles

Whitney Osuigwe, the 15-year old and no. 1 ranked junior player in the world, lost just one set on her way to the semifinals. By winning the title in Mexico City, she will be closer to securing finishing 2017 as the best junior player of the planet.

Three of the American juniors playing the final rounds, Whitney Osuigwe, Sebastian Korda and Drew Baird train in Bradenton, Florida with the famous IMG Academy.

For the second year in a row, the girls’ final will be all American, with Whitney facing Alexa. Last year Arizonian Taylor Johnson defeated Texan Ellie Douglas.

One of the biggest questions this year at the Abierto Juvenil Mexicano is, will the singles champions also reign in doubles? It could happen, both Osuigwe and Korda are also very strong in doubles. Korda has as a partner Colombian NIcolás Mejía, and Whitney plays with Texan Ellie Douglas, the singles finalist of last year.

AJM percentages

Seventy percent of the juniors that made it to the final rounds of this Friday are from just three countries: 33% from the States, 25% from Rumania and 17% Argentinians.