Official hotel for coaches, organizing committe and players would be Camino Real Polanco, five-star hotel that is a Mexico City architectural landmark housing more than 600 works of art, is conveniently located across the street from the CDCH, literally at a “fifty-step-walking distance” from the CDCH for the convenience of the junior players. Once the tournament starts all players on main draw should be in this hotel. Hospitality would start the evening before the first day of the tournament and would end the day after the elimination of the player. Parents who want to share room with their sons (main draw players) should notified in advance by email to the organization, otherwise we could not guarantee the room share, Parents would pay half of the rent from the room and the organization would pay the other half while the player continues in the tournament. Players should share room with another player, no room services or extra charges will be payed by the organization, when the players lose he could stay the night and he must leave the room before 11:00 in other we could re asing a player in that place.

Reserve through: Trinidad Hernández

Telephone: 52 55 5263 8888 ext. 7341 / Fax: 52 55 5263 8889



Hospitality CDCH: Angie Vizuet

Telephone: 52 1 55 3444 1373